About us

Devance Outdoor Products Co., Ltd located in the “ world manufacturer city”- Dongguan City in China .

We are specialized in outdoor waterproof bags .include waterproof phone bag . waterproof dry bag . waterproof backpack . waterproof duffel bag . waterproof gym bag . and waterproof messenger bag..etc

Our bags mainly use high-frequency heating machine and automatic sewing machine to make .

We work with customers worldwide . mostly from USA. Canada . Japan . and EU .  And our designer team work on new designs every month . also  we welcome customized designs .

Our sales team is attending trade shows worldwide ( Surf Expo / Outdoor Retailer in USA .  ISPO in Germany . and Canton Fair . etc ) . We hope to meet you on anywhere !

We would like to receive your enquiry for more requirements !


 Contact Us

Contact: Diane Xia

Phone: 0086 13712664059

Tel: 0086 769 81225850

E-mail: sales@devancetech.net

Add: 2nd Floor . Building #1 . Jiaolian Industrial Park . No.,72 Jialian Rd. Wanjiang District . Dongguan City . China .

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